February 2017

Carnivàle : Kraig Yearwood

Location : Morningside Gallery, Barbados Community College

Opening reception: September 24th, 2014

Exhibition dates: September 24th to October 8th, 2014

Punch Hotseat: October 1st, 2014


Kraig Yearwood is a Barbadian artist and designer. Yearwood studied graphic design at the Barbados Community College but works predominantly in the medium of painting.
To date, Yearwood has had three solo shows and has participated in numerous group exhibitions locally and internationally, receiving national awards for his work. 


My artistic production is driven by my eclectic interests, and as such themes include the exploration of self and personal relationships as well as social and cultural issues. 
I enjoy the feeling of solving design and spacial issues on the fly as well as the surprises that result from this process.
I mainly work in acrylic, but my love of materials and found objects also lends itself to mixed media production.
Carnivàle is a continuation of themes first explored in Goddess, my last exhibition, a two person show with photographer Risée Chaderton. It is an epic love story as well as a diary of sorts. It deals with themes of loss, reflections, introspection, isolation and dreams. The landscape is that of a bizarre sideshow. Some of the usual cast of carnival characters, performers and games, are twisted and interlaced with personal mythology and iconography.